About Us

Our Mission

Dynalot Health services is committed to providing our clients the best home care services in the form of home care support and nursing practice in assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating their needs. Our objective is to provide the clients care with empathy, support, and services that will enable them to live safely in their homes and achieve their full potential for independence and productivity while furthering their empowerment and integration into their community and society at large. We firmly believe that every life must be sustained at all ages regardless of limitations, or disabilities.

Our Goals

  • We are committed to providing carefully trained health care professionals to take care of our clients within the privacy of their homes.
  • Our provision of health care support at home will help to reduce hospitalization, institutionalization, and improve the quality of lives of our clients.
  • We are very keen on the demands of our clients in a timely manner in accordance with their plan of care.
  • We will ensure reliable scheduling of staff daily to ensure timely delivery of all services recommended in the client’s plan of care.
  • We will make sure our in-home care improves the health conditions of our clients in their homes.
  • We will run a cautious and professional relationship with our clients, their families, and other contacts.
  • We will comply with all relevant rules and regulations ensuring the availability of our staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at our client’s residence.
  • We will be very meticulous with staff to work with our clients. Criminal background checks are made through Virginia state-approved agencies and Tuberculosis (TB) tests must be cleared by a physician for having no communicable diseases.

Private Home Care Services

These are hands-on paraprofessional services that assist our client, their families, or both with essential home management tasks, personal care tasks,s or supervision of the client’s activities to enable them, their families, or both to remain and function effectively at home as long as possible. Our home health caregivers provide personal care and home management tasks that support the client’s health and well being.

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